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Welcome To Dojang X

We know that life presents many challenges, such as: sedentary lifestyles, increased stress and peer pressure that’s often stimulated from media platforms.

Learning how to protect ourselves mentally and physically, stay active and be empowered to navigate through life on our own terms is crucial.

Through training with us, we’ll help you to become fit, strong and confident, with the knowledge of having effective self-defence skills from the traditional Korean martial art of Soo Bahk Do, that can be applied to all aspects of modern life and set you up for success. 

Our Instructor

Hi! I’m Sabrina Mistry, a 3rd Dan Black Belt, certified Personal Trainer and Instructor at Dojang X!

I know how hard it can be to find the time to work on everything we’re meant to: from improving our fitness and health prospects, to honing our softer skills to navigate life more successfully and to truly feel empowered.

By training in Soo Bahk Do, I underwent a transformation from being unfit and shy to confident, fit and strong with effective self-defence skills should I ever need it.

I now lead Dojang X with classes across Oxfordshire so that others can experience the amazing personal transformations that the Art has to offer, whilst developing exceptional martial artists in the UK!

Soo Bahk Do

Founded by Hwang Kee, Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan® is a traditional Korean martial art and organisation that focuses on the use of upper and lower body equally as a means for self-defence.

The Art was created with accessibility in mind.  Therefore, anyone of any age and most physical conditions can reap benefits from training. 

Soo Bahk Do can be described as Korean Karate due to its stances, but also develops practitioners to perform high kicks and jump kick techniques, which are signature to Korea. 

Our lineage currently continues under the direct guidance of Hwang Kee’s son: Kwan Jang Nim (Grandmaster) H.C. Hwang.

What We Offer

Mental Wellbeing

As a traditional Eastern martial art, we embrace values such as focus, respect and humility in our training. Improved confidence and better stress management in our daily lives are noticeable benefits within weeks of training.

Physical Wellbeing

Soo Bahk Do is an excellent martial art for full body conditioning that's fun and accessible for all ages. See for yourself as your fitness levels up both in cardio and strength. Confidence builds as your self-defence skills become second nature over time.

Social Wellbeing

We embrace a friendly and supportive environment that's ego-free. Bond with family members over this unique activity, or train by yourself and make new friends. We also have socials throughout the year along with local, national and global opportunities.

Choose Your Programme

Little Ninjas
(3-6 years old)

Start your child early in Soo Bahk Do to build strong foundations for future exceptional martial artists and leaders in life…not to mention it’s a great way for them to burn off that extra energy!

Kids Class
(6-12 years old)

Our bespoke martial arts class just for kids! This class follows our official main Soo Bahk Do syllabus whilst delivering activities that are specifically catered for the development needs of this age group.  

Mixed Class
(6+ years old)

Create a unique bonding experience with family members or attend by yourself as you take the path to black belt. Either way, you’ll quickly make new friends at this class! 



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Our Reviews

For me, finding exercise that is engaging and challenging but also fun has always been difficult. This martial art and Sabrina's teaching style has given me drive to keep going back and pushing myself to be better and more refined. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that wants to get fitter and more disciplined while also enjoying their time spent doing so.
- Robbie
Adult beginner
I joined Dojang X in January 2023. I'm 47 and I've never done martial arts before, so I was a bit apprehensive about whether it was something I could do. However, I'm so glad that I started - it's been a fantastic experience! Sabrina is a great teacher and very motivating. Joining this club has helped increase my fitness levels, learn new skills and develop my confidence. My son also attends classes and it's great to learn these skills with him.
- Rachel
Mother and son
Sabrina has been fantastic in teaching SOO BAHK DO martial art. She is very knowledgeable and has helped my daughter and son with achieving yellow belt rank. They both enjoy going every week. It is a very friendly and enjoyable environment.
- Parvinder


All fitness levels are welcome at Dojang X! We all start somewhere and will do our best to support you to achieve your goals in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our members have joined us all at different ages and life stages. There’s no age limit to start Soo Bahk Do with us.  A reason we train is to improve our health and fitness. So, if that’s one of your goals too, give us a go!

Of course! We call it a family class to enable people of different ages to feel welcome to start their black belt journey. You can join by yourself or a child could join by themselves too. There’s many adults and kids who’ve joined us without others. You’re totally welcome to come by yourself too!

Our club is family-friendly, ego-free and supportive in nature. We develop our students into excellent role models in society and exceptional martial artists.

We’re not just talking about the kids either!

Whatever your goals, share them with us and we’ll support you – whether it’s improved confidence, better fitness for life or belonging to a like-minded community of people who strive for self development.

However, the best way to explore this is to experience a class for yourself and speak with us. Why not give us a go?

You’d like to take a free session with us? Great! Once booked on, simply turn up on the day. Exercise clothes and a water bottle are recommended. Other than that – you’re ready to go!

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