Abingdon’s Local Magazine features Dojang X Martial Arts Academy!

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We’re very pleased to announce that Dojang X has been featured in the February 2023 edition of Abingdon’s Round & About Magazine!

We’re now approaching our first year since we’ve started to deliver our martial arts (Soo Bahk Do) classes in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. For our Instructor, Sabrina Mistry, to share her story and explain the benefits of martial arts for the local community through this local publication has been an amazing opportunity. We really hope that this article encourages more people to get active no matter their starting fitness level – and even to take up martial arts.

After all, if you’re curious about it, give it a go!

Here’s the full article 😊🥋

In April 2022, Sabrina Mistry, a 2nd Dan black belt in Soo Bahk Do launched Dojang X Martial Arts Academy in Abingdon, motivated to challenge how we perceive exercise and traditional martial arts and to encourage more people to take up physical activity.

“Growing up I didn’t find sports engaging,” says certified personal trainer Sabrina, “this led to me being unfit, overweight and lacking confidence. It was only when I took accountability for my health in 2007 and underwent a fitness transformation through merging the gym and Soo Bahk Do training, that I realised how life changing this was.

I found the combination perfect to sustain my fitness motivation and to develop my focus and calmness to deal with situations. At Dojang X, I want to support others to reach their potential in a similar way.”

What we do

Dojang X Martial Arts Academy is in Sabrina’s own words “very personable” with people of all ages and abilities getting involved. The belt promotions awarded to students at Dojang X gives students a special place in Oxfordshire’s history of this martial art.

Sessions combine martial arts training with effective exercises to improve one’s athleticism and martial arts skills.

She adds: “We offer mixed age classes starting from 7+ years old, which includes teens and adults. You’re welcome to train alone, with family members and/or friends. We also offer a ‘Little Ninjas’ programme for four to six year olds that helps develop confidence, train motor skills and promote focus.”

About our Art

Soo Bahk Do originates from the Korean Silla Dynasty (618-935 AD). The present art was founded in 1945 when Hwang Kee incorporated the Moo Duk Kwan. The style is influenced by Shotokan Karate and Northern Chinese styles whilst focusing on the kicking techniques for which Korean martial arts are renowned.

Hwang Kee (1914-2002) was a distinguished martial artist and applied science to his system, The techniques taught are natural body mechanics. Sabrina explains: “We emphasise practical application and personal development to promote wellness and the ability to deal with situations in a mature and fair manner.”

Why do people start martial arts?

People start their martial arts journey for various reasons. These include: getting fit, learning self defence, improving concentration, making new friends and developing confidence. These benefits apply for any martial arts style. To help decide whether a style and instructor is suitable for your goals, trial a session and ask questions.

How you can start with us

If you’d like a free trial at Dojang X, contact:


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