Dojang X Newsletter – April 2024

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Dojang X Martial Arts travel photo

Note from the Instructor

Owing to the Easter half term holidays, April’s training experience was unique! Whilst DX students used the holidays to create special memories with family and friends, their martial arts spirit remained strong. Some brought their Club hoodie on their journey, along with getting involved in our fun martial arts photo competition! Back at class, members used the month to hone their skills with more dynamic kicks and combos. It’s also been great to see many members increase in confidence to lead and support newer members.

Here’s April’s summary:

April Grading 2024 – Little Ninjas!

Little Ninjas 4 year old martial arts class

Some of our Little Ninjas who were unable to attend the grading in March, did their grading on the first session back in April. And what a performance! So full of energy and determination to achieve and proudly wear a new coloured belt!

It’s always a fun and special opportunity for all involved, to celebrate each child’s achievements together!

Our Little Ninjas (Drayton) club have really come a long way. Many of our young martial artists have been with our Club for over 1 year. They’ve all shown a huge improvement in attention, focus and their ninja abilities – and have become wonderful role models for new children joining the Little Ninjas Club through leading by example.

We now also look forward to following the journeys of our little ones at the Little Ninjas Clubs in Longworth and Abingdon.

Student of the Month

Karate kick

This month, our Student of the Month Award for April 2024 went to Lucie!

Given that we had half a month’s training due to the Easter holidays, it was decided that April’s award would go to someone who deserved recognition for their journey across several months.

Lucie was presented with the certificate because she has shown impressive commitment, dedication and courage to take on any challenge!

Starting as a white belt, Lucie trained twice a week from the get-go and has progressed very well. One of these classes had other more advanced ranks attending. However, she proved through her behaviour and effort that she could take it on!

Instructor Sabrina was also very impressed when Lucie accepted to lead the warm up for her very first time, after two others declined when asked…and she delivered it with great courage at only 12 years old. Overall, Lucie has demonstrated great leadership skills and it’s always really nice to see how supportive she is when partnering with other young members.

Easter Martial Arts Photo Competition!

Training continues over the holidays!

DX members were invited to participate in our very first Soo Bahk Do photo competition!

The rules were simple: any member could enter, with one submission. The photo could be taken anywhere, using a Soo Bahk Do technique.

Once the entries were in, we put the vote out to family, friends and the wider Soo Bahk Do network.

The winner was Chansroop with his impressive flying side kick:

Jump kick Abingdon Martial Arts

Here were our other amazing entries:

It was great to see so many of our members get involved. Also, most of these photos are in different locations all around the world! Can you guess where they were taken?

A special shout out for Robbie (bottom photo), who got in a kick for the competition on his wedding day! How awesome is that?!

Chansroop, as our competition winner, was given a Ninja Turtle prize.

Here’s his celebration photo:

There’ll be more holiday challenges and competitions in the future – and we’d love to see many more members get involved!

To come!

Our DX Social Team will be planning our next social. So, stay tuned with in our WhatsApp group!

That’s a wrap!

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you’d like to see this year at our Club, get in touch!

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