Dojang X Newsletter – January 2024

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Group photo after class with Sam Raymond, 3rd Dan UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan

Note from the Instructor

We’ve started 2024 with incredible energy, focus and commitment towards this year’s martial arts and personal goals. It has been pleasantly surprising to see everyone return to training with renewed energy and effort!

2023 was a brilliant year for us as a Club. We saw our team amazingly increase in size from word of mouth, local support, and even opened additional training days to meet the growing demand to train several times a week!

Above all, it’s really great to see each student, regardless of rank or age, form friendships within our Club. It’s also fun to see your friendly competition develop to push yourself harder (yes amongst family members especially – I see you!), and show your dedication to the study and practice of our Soo Bahk Do martial art.

As we move into February, I’d like to genuinely thank each and every one of my students at Dojang X for taking the courage to try something new, for choosing me as your instructor and mentor, and for having the commitment within yourself for personal development and trusting the martial arts process as the pathway to achieve great things.

Here’s January’s summary:

Rank promotions

How martial arts help to achieve your goals in 2024
Tuesday’s training team receiving their grading certificates and new belts!

Following a strong grading performance in December 2023, we started the first week back with rank promotion awards!

With a new rank and belt, many students have now started to learn a new part of their syllabus to achieve their next rank.

Student of the Month

Having been so impressed by the work ethic and commitment by our students in 2023, this year we’ve launched a ‘Student of the Month’ award.

Each month, a student will be recognised and awarded for going above and beyond in their training.

There’s many possibilities to achieve this award, but some pointers include:

  • Excellent behaviour
  • High class attendance
  • Consistently giving their best effort at training
  • Helping others
  • Making a breakthrough over something that they found challenging
  • Showing great initiative
Student of the Month – January 2024

This month, Henri was awarded the Student of the Month Award for January 2024!

He really stepped up his training ever since his first session back with us – giving 100% effort and focus. Not only that, he took on the responsibility to teach white belts basic form one and showed great martial arts leadership skills!

For sure, this young practitioner has great potential and the award was well deserved!

A visit from Sam Raymond, 3rd Dan

Sam Raymond, Soo Bahk Do
Poster for our session with Sam Raymond, 3rd Dan

It was fun to have a visit from Sam Raymond, a 3rd Dan in our UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan, towards the end of January!

Having guest instructors visit us is a great way to broaden our perspective as martial artists. Students who attended our Friday class had the unique opportunity to learn from a highly experienced practitioner and discover new interpretations to their movements. Those who stayed for the social with Sam after got to know her better off the mat – and learn more about her experience at the Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa (Master’s test) in Korea!

Here’s a snap of our training in action:

Training with Sam

To come in February!

Due to increasing interest within our Club for more socials, we’ll soon be launching a calendar of events and activities!

We’ll plan this so that there’s something for everyone throughout the year and look forward for you to join us.

That’s a wrap!

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you’d like to see this year at our Club, get in touch!

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