Dojang X Newsletter – June 2024

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Kids martial arts demonstration in Drayton, Abingdon.
Drayton Village Fete Martial Arts Demo, Abingdon 2024

Note from the Instructor

From the main grading to the Drayton Village Fete and our Summer Social, there was a lot of opportunities available to add to our martial arts journey.

This month also saw a move to sharing more about about the first few Eight Key Concepts of Soo Bahk Do, and we will continue to theme each week based on a philosophical point of our Art.

It’s important that we all learn more about why we do what we do, and what is unique to our Art in order to support the personal development of our members. For example, the first key concept is courage: showing up and giving things a go, spirit shouts, and our posture in martial arts and life to display confidence. The second week we discussed concentration: maintaining a flow without distraction and embracing a process of perseverance despite the fact that we may not always quite get the outcome straight away from our efforts. During the final week of June, we reflected on the third concept: endurance. We need to repeat what we do in order to make it second nature – for self-defence purposes, athletic development and personal growth.

Coming soon, we’ll have a section on our website that is dedicated to the deeper elements of our Soo Bahk Do training.

As always, we’re interested to expand what we offer so that you and/or your child gets the best value around by belonging to Team DX. So, please reach out if you have suggestions!

Here’s June’s summary:

June Shim Sa

Martial Arts Belt Test, Abingdon
June Martial Arts Grading, Abingdon

On Saturday 15th June 2024, we had our Summer grading (Shim Sa).

It was great to see a good number of candidates that have been consistent in their training and had met the requirements to enter!

By far, our Longworth DX Team of white belt beginners had the biggest representation, having trained for 6 months prior. I’m sure everyone valued the opportunity to meet other DX members from our other locations and seeing the content of different ranks!

This was the first Shim Sa where our Instructor, Sabrina, was given the authority to hold the grading as Examiner on behalf of the UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan.

Here’s our Longworth DX Team’s grading award celebration photo when the results were in:

Longworth Martial Arts Club
Longworth Martial Arts club

It’s definitely awesome to see a room change from mostly white belts to now mostly yellows – and our first orange rank at this Club!

Drayton Village Fete

Drayton Village Fete
Dojang X Demo Team, Drayton 2024

For three of our members in particular, Saturday 15th June was a double Soo Bahk Do day with our performance at the Drayton Village Fete a few hours later! It was also great to see a student represent our Little Ninjas Club along with our other students who wanted to demonstrate their martial arts skills to the public.

Everyone showed great courage, focus and skill. As Instructor, I’m very grateful for your participation!

Here’s an action shot of the sparring demo – the energy was great!

Drayton Kids Martial Arts
Kids Martial Arts Sparring

Student of the Month

Kids Karate Abingdon
Sophia, Student of the Month June 2024

This month, Sophia received our Student of the Month Award for June 2024!

What an amazing personal transformation this young lady has had so far!

Sophia joined Dojang X nine months ago with her father. She was very shy, quiet and lacked the confidence to stand by herself or to partner with other class members.

Slowly over this time, many Club members began to notice that Sophia started to come out of her shell and make friends.

I’d say her confidence accelerated on a much greater level once she became a yellow belt. She had a keen interest to grade again at the June Shim Sa that was three months later. So, Sophia started putting in the work by training twice a week and picked up the content and increased in skill very quickly. Not only that, but she is now comfortable to pair up with more members, gives louder kihaps (spirit shouts of confidence) and is quite sociable!

We were pleasantly surprised when Sophia responded to the call to volunteer as part of the DX Demo team at Drayton Village Fete!

Her performance, in front of many spectators, was inspiring and has really showed just how far she’s come.

It was this personal journey and transformation that led to Sophia being awarded our Student of the Month!

Dojang X First Advanced Class

As our Club grows in its second year, it was time to trial an Advanced Class to cater for the skill development and syllabus support of our Green and Red belts.

Our first session took place outdoors at the end of the month, and this is a look into some kick drills our members did:

Advanced Class Kick Drills

Following positive feedback, we’ll run these sessions on a last weekend day of the month (or as close as when holidays).

So, if you meet this criteria – pencil it in!

A Visit from USA Moo Duk Kwan

A student from the USA Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, Mario, came over and trained with us at two sessions in Drayton.

We always enjoy having visitors connect with us and feel proud with our record that as a young Club we’ve had many already pop by and share the mat with us. It enriches everyone’s training experience!

Drayton Martial Arts Group Photo
Drayton Martial Arts Main Class Group Photo

Summer Social in Sutton Courtenay!

We had a nice turn out of members and families at our picnic and games social in Sutton Courtenay on Sunday 30th June (another double whammy of Soo Bahk Do for some following the Advanced Class!). We know that we’ve got a good thing going when people of all ages can get together and have a great time. Activities included cricket; Cubb and Frisbee. There was also some Pokemon card viewing/ swapping.

Thanks all for coming!

Join Dojang X Socials!

Our DX Social Team will have more things planned after the school summer holidays. Join our members-only WhatsApp group to stay updated!

Contact Sabrina for the link to join.

To come in July!

Saturday 13th July: UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan Seminar, Wokingham

Friday 12th July: Little Ninjas (Drayton) Grading

Wednesday 17th July: Little Ninjas (Longworth) Grading

Thursday 18th July: Little Ninjas (Abingdon) Grading

Friday 19th July: Our final session before the summer holidays

Saturday 20th July: 9.15am, Advanced Class – deadline to enrol : Wednesday 10th July!

And in August…

Tuesday evening classes restart due to demand to keep training fresh!

Dates: 13th; 20th; 27th August at Drayton Village Hall

Contact Sabrina for more info.

Virtual Summer Competition!

This Summer, we’re opening a virtual Hyung (Forms) competition. It’s perfect for those who’d like to see their standing in skill across all locations!

We’re aiming for this to be an annual summer virtual tournament!

Competition open from Friday 26th July – Friday 23rd August (inclusive)

Certificate and Medal for the winner.

How it works:

  1. Register to enter (£2 per member) – paid at class before the Summer Holidays
  2. Choose a hyung you’d like to practice
  3. Practice!
  4. Submit video recording to Sabrina, including your rank and name of hyung
  5. You may send an updated video only once, at any time, before the deadline


  • Do Bok or not (we appreciate that you may enter away from home!)
  • Hyung chosen can be any up to (and including) those you already know. If more advanced, we encourage you to so anything except the basic forms!
  • Open to all ages and ranks from the main pathway (kids class and family class)
  • You will be assessed according to technical accuracy, correct pace, and overall accurate demonstration of your chosen hyung. You are judged on your performance at your current rank

To note:

Part of your entry may be published on our socials/ website. Where this is done, only first name is mentioned.

Speak to Sabrina if you have any questions!

That’s a wrap!

See you at class!

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