Dojang X Newsletter – March 2024

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Kids karate class Abingdon
Improving techniques at our March Seminar with Master Gillian Dean

Note from the Instructor

True to the energy shift of moving into Spring, our activities in March at Dojang X was nothing less than action-packed and dynamic! It was great to see so many of our members make significant progress in their personal development and martial arts journey. As your instructor, it’s a great pleasure to watch you grow and I look forward to seeing you after the Easter break for your next chapter.

Here’s March’s summary:

Dojang X Celebrates 2 Years in Oxfordshire!

Family martial arts Abingdon
Family photo : the Soo Bahk Do way!

On 22nd March 2022, Dojang X launched its first ever Soo Bahk Do class.

Instructor Sabrina moved to Oxfordshire only a few months before and recognised that more was needed in the area to provide activities for families to share together whilst learning new skills, boost confidence regardless of age, and improving our health and fitness for life.

Through Soo Bahk Do, we also learn how to deal with challenges, conflicts and stress – both that are internal and external – and build our perseverance.

Therefore, from training, one’s confidence and personal happiness can grow, enabling us to achieve our goals and ambitions.

From starting with just one Saturday class in Abingdon and three students, our reputation for delivering the highest quality martial arts tuition around in a friendly, fun and supportive environment has impressively led to Dojang X growing in the past two years to now offer classes throughout the week and catered for different ages.

We’ll dedicate a special article for our second year anniversary, which shares more about our backstory. The link will be included here in our next article.

For now, here’s a clip that shows how the same technique evolves over time, through the ranks!

Thanks to all who contributed to our celebration content!

Dojang X 2 Year Anniversary Clip, March 2024

March Grading 2024 – Main Class and Little Ninjas!

Main Club Grading with Kidd SBN (R), March 2024

We don’t always have the Main Club and our Little Ninjas Club grading in the same month – let alone within a week apart! So, it’s always an extra special celebration when all at Dojang X enters for rank promotion!

At our Main Club, we had students grading from all locations. Longworth had their first representation since launch in November 2023, along with some of our Little Ninja Club graduates taking their very first main grading!

Here’s our happy snaps:

Our Little Ninjas arrived at class on Friday and gave their best effort and enthusiasm for their grading too!

They’ve shown great focus, improved listening skills and a willingness to give anything and everything a go. They’re great martial artists and leaders of the next generation for sure!

Here’s our Little Ninjas post-grading pic:

Little Kids Karate Class group photo in March 2024
Little Ninjas Martial Arts Grading – March 2024

We do have some more Little Ninjas grading after the Easter break and look forward to seeing their demonstrations soon!

Student of the Month

Aneliz, Student of the Month for March 2024!

This month, Aneliz won the Student of the Month Award for March 2024!

Since she received her last rank promotion in December 2023, Aneliz has really stepped up in terms of her effort at every class. She’s also got a great attitude to take on new challenges and to push herself – with incredible height on her axe kicks.

I was very impressed when Aneliz attended this month’s seminar with Master Gillian Dean and her maturity to support other junior members to learn their content.

Both Aneliz and her sister also did something this month that no one’s yet done at a Dojang X grading. They turned up to support and assist candidates testing – even though they weren’t grading! It’s something that members start to do as they approach black belt. It’s very rare for others earlier in to offer their weekend in this way.

Team DX goes bowling!

Team DX Bowling Social! March 2024

Our first social of the year started with a trip to Oxford for bowling!

We had a great turn out, with 3 lanes needed for some competitive fun.

Most of us are in this picture. The rest came a little after and there was no time for more photos with everyone’s ‘A game’ on!

Congratulations to Hugh for scoring the highest across all the group with 147, followed closely by Parvinder at 144.

Everyone else was a little more behind!

Big thanks to our Social Team for organising. Everyone had a great time!

Our next Social will be announced via our WhatsApp group, so stay tuned!

Little Ninjas comes to Abingdon!

Little Ninjas Kids Martial Arts Class in Abingdon
Little Ninjas Poster for Kids Martial Arts in Abingdon

We’re being ambitious. It’s now time for Dojang X’s first ever location, Abingdon, to offer a Little Ninjas Club in the local community.

If you know anyone in Abingdon and/or the surrounding areas who may be interested in martial arts for their child from 3 years old, let them know we’re here!

Seminar with Master Gillian Dean!

Master Gillian Dean Soo Bahk Do Seminar March 2024 Abingdon
Seminar with Master Gillian Dean (L), March 2024

We were very honoured to have Master Gillian Dean, 4th Dan in our UK & Ireland Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation and National Examiner, visit us on a Saturday to deliver a special Seminar for our members. We organise to have a visitor come down to us to deliver a seminar 1-2 times a year, so it’s a really special occasion.

Those who attend get individual and group technical knowledge and guidance to support their martial arts journey. They also hone their skills which gives them an edge for their progression and depth of being a martial artist. Master Dean was very impressed by the effort and skill demonstrated by all at this 1.5hr Seminar.

To come in April!

Our Little Ninjas who couldn’t make it to Friday’s session will be starting the first week back after the Easter break with their grading!

New content! For those who’ve been promoted in March – time to get started with new material for your next rank after the holiday!

Competition time!

Send us a photo of you / your child training over the Easter half term whilst on your travels or even outdoors in the garden or park. Any Soo Bahk Do pose is accepted.

These will be posted on our social media.

Deadline: Friday 12 April 2024.

The best submission wins a prize!

That’s a wrap!

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you’d like to see this year at our Club, get in touch!

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