One activity. Many benefits.

Our martial art, Soo Bahk Do, can be best described as ‘Korean karate’. The stances and strikes are similar to Japanese karate and we incorporate the high and dynamic kicks that Korean martial arts are renowned.

We teach a standardised syllabus as approved by the UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan (our martial arts organisation). Our practitioners’ grading certification and rank are also recognised internationally by the World Moo Duk Kwan.

People of all ages and abilities start their black belt journey in Soo Bahk Do at Dojang X.¬† As a community, we believe that martial arts should be accessible for all and we’re here to support you to reach your goals.


Improved fitness and athleticism

Self-defense skills

Increased flexibility and mobility

An exercise activity that’s sustainable


Confidence building

Leadership development

Focus, patience and perseverance 


Improved cognition


Friendly and supportive club that offers social activities

Local, national and global community to make friends and train with others

Where will your journey take you?

Starting something new takes courage, so respect to you for taking that first step!

If you feel that Dojang X would be a great fit, why not take a free trial session to experience what it’s like to train with us first-hand?