Fitness, confidence and self-defense for all the family at Oxfordshire’s popular niche martial arts club.


We Are Dojang X

Serving the locals of Abingdon, Sutton Courtenay and the surrounding Oxfordshire villages, we’re on a mission to get more people active for a healthier and fitter future whilst creating leaders and role models in our community. 

Why Choose Us?

Family-Friendly Martial Arts

Spend quality time together whilst getting fitter, boosting confidence and training towards your black belt. Suitable for ages 6+, teens and adults alike!

Traditional and Modern

Develop life skills at any age to handle stress and conflicts in everyday life through Eastern methods of patience, focus and respect.

Fitness and Self-Defense

Condition the body for a fitter future through our flexibility, cardio and strength training system. Learn practical self-defense in the process that teaches skills for life.

Global Authenticity

We belong to the prestigious Soo Bahk Do World Moo Duk Kwan® organisation. You can therefore be confident that you're receiving tuition to the highest standard with promotions that's recognised globally.

Beginners' Family Class

Best for anyone 6+ years old
(including teens and adults!)

Your black belt journey starts here!

We teach the traditional Korean martial art of Soo Bahk Do.

Our style will teach you many strikes and blocks using different parts of your body – and how to break out from grabs and control the situation.

There’s a great mix of families who train together and kids and adults who’ve joined us on their own! 

Our Reviews

For me, finding exercise that is engaging and challenging but also fun has always been difficult. This martial art and Sabrina's teaching style has given me drive to keep going back and pushing myself to be better and more refined. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that wants to get fitter and more disciplined while also enjoying their time spent doing so.
- Robbie
Adult beginner
I joined Dojang X in January 2023. I'm 47 and I've never done martial arts before, so I was a bit apprehensive about whether it was something I could do. However, I'm so glad that I started - it's been a fantastic experience! Joining this club has helped increase my fitness levels, learn new skills and develop my confidence. My son also attends classes and it's great to learn these skills with him. I highly recommend Dojang X to anyone interested in starting martial arts!
- Rachel
Mother and son at Dojang X
Sabrina has been fantastic in teaching SOO BAHK DO martial art. She is very knowledgeable and has helped my daughter and son with achieving yellow belt rank. They both enjoy going every week. It is a very friendly and enjoyable environment.
- Parvinder
Parent of students


All fitness levels are welcome at Dojang X! We all start somewhere and will do our best to support you to achieve your goals in a friendly and supportive environment.

Of course! We call it a family class to enable people of different ages to feel welcome to start their black belt journey. You can join by yourself or a child could join by themselves too. There’s many adults and kids who’ve joined us without others. You’re totally welcome to come by yourself too!

Our members have joined us all at different ages and life stages. There’s no age limit to start Soo Bahk Do with us.  A reason we train is to improve our health and fitness. So, if that’s one of your goals too, give us a go!

Our club is family-friendly, ego-free and supportive in nature. We develop our students into excellent role models in society and exceptional martial artists.

We’re not just talking about the kids either!

Whatever your goals, share them with us and we’ll support you – whether it’s improved confidence, better fitness for life or belonging to a like-minded community of people who strive for self development.

However, the best way to explore this is to experience a class for yourself and speak with us. Why not give us a go?

We accept beginners from 6 years old and over. There’s no upper age limit. At Dojang X, we have several students who are 40+ who train every week and love it!

You’d like to take a free session with us? Great! Once booked on, simply turn up on the day. Exercise clothes and a water bottle are recommended. Other than that – you’re ready to go!

Have a FREE session on us!