How Soo Bahk Do martial arts helps to achieve your goals in 2024

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How martial arts helps achieve your goals in 2024. Here, our students celebrate achieving their 2023 goals!
Happy martial arts students who achieved their goal of rank promotion into 2024!

Welcome to January 2024!

A new year with many opportunities ahead!

For many, now is the time to start that new hobby or interest – or to revisit a goal that has fallen on the wayside last year…

…or maybe even the year before that…

Perhaps getting fitter is a goal you’d like to achieve this year and that’s why you’re here.

Yes, we can certainly support you with that!

But did you know that our Soo Bahk Do martial arts training can actually help you to achieve your other goals in 2024 too?

Here’s our top 3 ways how!

1. Goal setting applied from martial arts class

When you train in Soo Bahk Do, you train to a carefully designed syllabus with your mental and physical personal development journey in mind.  You’re given a target date for rank promotion and train each week to learn and practice the content as you get closer to the goal.

The nature of our training means that you naturally develop effective goal-setting habits which are achievable. 

As our martial arts practitioners would tell you, it feels very satisfying to receive that new rank and certificate after putting in hard work consistently!

From our training, you’ll have the skills and habits in place to set goals for other areas in your life and work effectively towards achieving these in 2024.

2. Develop focus through martial arts to achieve your goals

Intention can be seen in everything when we train in Soo Bahk Do.    

From the ‘shi sun’ (i.e. look before moving), to the effort of making our techniques in the air or through pad work, focus is needed to move with confidence and to reach the target.

There is no time for distractions – whether to let our mind wander or to get diverted by those around us.  

We channel our focus into the activity.

You see, focus is a skill that needs to be honed, especially in our fast-paced world with endless phone notifications and other distractions!

As you develop your focus skills at class, you can apply it towards your other goals for this year to block out distractions and help you to achieve a flow.

With focus, things get done and goals get achieved.

3. Hone perseverance from martial arts

Have you ever been inspired by a story about a person who had an ambition, who then set out on a journey to achieve it, faced a challenge or two (maybe it was ‘too hard’ or they no longer had the time) and then gave up and then the story ended?

Us neither.

And yet, this cycle goes on for so many people in life.

Let’s break that cycle.

Though Soo Bahk Do martial arts training, the journey ahead is challenging but not impossible. 

It’s challenging because it is a personal development journey.  We all have physical and mental attributes that we need to improve to live healthier, fitter and happier lives.

And so, times during our training, we’re faced with the question:

“Do we find a way to overcome this challenge and succeed, or do we give up and never try again?”

It’s this development of perseverance, in a supportive environment, that will help you to find ways to succeed both at martial arts and to accomplish other things in life.

This is because you learn to face the doubt and do it anyway.

And you know what, not everyone can do that.

But training with us, you will.

You build perseverance.

Where will 2024 take you?

Let’s start building these skills together so that 2024 becomes your best year yet for achieving your goals!

Take a trial class on us!

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