A visit to France Moo Duk Kwan

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Training with France MDK

As a martial arts practitioner for over 10 years, one of the things that I’ve appreciated the most is the opportunity to connect and form friendships with others locally and around the world. One learns in a deeper way first-hand about other cultures and lifestyles through a position of a semi-tourist. Being a tourist in the sense that you’re just visiting. Being not-so-much a tourist in the sense that you’re around locals for most of the experience.

The very essence of global connections and the benefits that it offers to enrich one’s perception of the world is a strong foundation to the vision I had when I first launched Dojang X. Now launched, it is the people within that will shape this vision further through open discussion, friendship and action. The club as a whole, and the members within, are open-mined and bring a good energy about connectivity and community. It makes me very happy.

During a short break in May this year, I visited Paris to train with France Moo Duk Kwan. Within this short stay, I learnt different drills and interpretations to movements that I had not considered before. I was also honoured to have been given some teaching opportunities, which were fun and also a valuable experience. The total experience of training abroad, I feel, will enrich my own training and ultimately, the design and delivery of classes at Dojang X.

Although it’s early days for those at the club, I look forward to the time when they’ll wish to train abroad. Whether that’s with me as a group or as part of their own personal holiday.

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