5 reasons why martial arts is great for kids! (2023)

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Jump side kick by a kid at our martial arts class after a few months of training!
Jump side kick by a kid at our martial arts class after a few months of training!

With the launch of our bespoke martial arts class just for kids, we felt it was timely to share our top 5 reasons why such a class is a great choice!  There’s nothing quite like what a martial art has to offer.  In this article, we share why.

1. Martial arts gives confidence for kids

Kids in today’s world are bombarded with more messages by the media and general society than ever.  This is even before we consider the impact of school and their peers!  

It’s no surprise that with this confusion and peer pressure, many kids can feel withdrawn, shy and simply lack confidence.

One way confidence is developed through martial arts is via our spirit shout (ki hap). This empowers kids to use their voice and to show conviction in their actions.  Partner work is another important element in martial arts training and promotes the child’s face-to-face interaction with other people.  It’s a great way to form new and life-long friendships.

And let’s not forget the martial arts grading experience!  This is a great environment where each student can demonstrate their knowledge and skills.  It gives the child a boost in confidence at every stage of the black belt journey because they have worked hard to earn their belt promotion.  There are no short cuts!

2. Leadership skills develop early in life

Related to confidence, many good martial arts clubs strive to not only teach martial arts but to also develop the leaders of tomorrow.  We consider each student as an individual on their own personal development journey along with being part of a collective.  Through this approach, we identify and create opportunities for the student to grow their leadership potential.  For example, at Dojang X, we give students the opportunity to lead the warm up at the start of class.  

We find that our students love to take up any opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and become role models for new kids who train with us.

3. Martial arts kids develop focus, discipline and resilience

Let’s face it: distractions are everywhere!  

What martial arts gives kids is an activity to develop their focus, resilience and discipline among many other soft skills.  In a fast paced and instant world, the risk the next generation face is lacking patience and consistency to see results.  However, it’s widely known that these two factors contribute to achieving long term goals in life!

The martial art journey is an individual experience for each child that teaches that hard work reaps many benefits.  It also teaches them to face their challenges and to keep going to overcome them.

4. Developing the child’s athletic potential

The habits we develop as children often carry forward throughout our lives.  Staying fit is a challenge for many – with a good underlying reason being that they have not found exercise to be enjoyable or inspiring.

Martial arts classes remove this challenge for kids because it presents a great way to burn energy.  Through varied drills, kids will always pay attention as they’re motivated to test their physical capabilities in a fun and safe way.

5. Kids are equipped with self-defense skills

Through martial arts training, kids learn the vital life skill of self-defense.  We can speak for the Soo Bahk Do martial art when we say that all students learn several types of self-defense techniques that include breaking from grabs and evasion and counter combinations from a strike.  Also, because Soo Bahk Do has a greater focus for self defense rather than sport, the arm and leg techniques taught are very practical.  These skills are important to know if ever needed.

Wrap up!

Well there you have it. Our 5 top reasons why we believe martial arts would make a great activity for your child!  Although we selected a handful, martial arts presents many more benefits and we’d be here all day writing if we were to list them all – and most likely even then miss some out!  The main takeaway is this: although martial arts is presented as one activity, it can (and does) become something much more deeper over time.  For those who train in our Soo Bahk Do style at least, it becomes a commitment for personal development.

If you’d like to sign your child up for a free trial of Soo Bahk Do at Dojang X, hit the button below and we’ll be in touch!

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