Sweat and smiles: Ready for our first martial arts grading in 2023!

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The Saturday dedicated martial artists

How time flies! Exactly a week from today, students at Dojang X will be going for their first martial arts grading in 2023!

The students at Dojang X have been training hard. March 2023 will be the third grading in our club’s history, and second held in Abingdon.

Writing this piece as the instructor, I hold high standards of myself, each student, and Dojang X collectively. I feel that’s so important. This is because each belt is earned through hard work and not simply because a certain amount of time has elapsed. It’s training with this view that creates high quality martial artists and shapes the leaders of the future.

Of course, such an approach makes each rank promotion more meaningful too!

Next week Peter Kidd SBN, a sixth dan black belt from Preston, will be attending to oversee the grading.

We’re ready to show him what we’ve got!

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