Soo Bahk Do karate grading in Abingdon (Sept 23) recap!

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Happy Dojang X members after their Soo Bahk Do karate grading in September 2023

On Saturday 23rd September 2023, our DX students came together for their Soo Bahk Do (karate) grading at Drayton Village Hall, Abingdon.

It was the first time that we’ve held a grading at Drayton and we all enjoyed the experience.

Master Kidd, our UK & Ireland Federation Examiner, travelled from the North to see our students’ progression since his last visit – and to also meet a few new faces of the white belts!

Here’s the recap of our September karate grading in Abingdon:

Our white belts (10th Geups) showed great courage to demonstrate their material. As their instructor, I have a lot of respect for any white belts starting the Soo Bahk Do martial art journey. After all, they’ve learnt many ways how to strike and block, pick up Korean terminology and taking a martial arts grading for the very first time. It’s a lot of new experiences and pushing past their comfort zone in just 6 months!

Our yellow belts (9th Geup) were up next to demonstrate their skills.

They worked really well together as a team to co-ordinate their performance of their hyungs.

Here’s a snap:

Yellow belts martial Arts grading Abingdon September 2023
Yellow belts performing Basic Form 3 at their karate grading in Abingdon, Sept 2023

Our orange belts (8th Geup) were called to demonstrate their martial arts skills next.

They have a great presence with loud kiaps (spirit shouts) that gave an air of confidence whilst showing their commitment to the black belt journey.

Here’s a photo of them free-sparring at the martial arts grading in Drayton, Abingdon:

Orange belts martial Arts grading Abingdon September 2023
Orange belts free sparring at their karate grading, September 2023

Last but not least – our orange belts with a tag (7th Geup) showcased their advancing techniques. It was a significant moment for those candidates. A successful grading outcome means that they officially become intermediate-level martial artists in our Soo Bahk Do!

We managed to capture their air time as they performed jump front kicks:

Orange belts with tag doing jump kicks at their karate grading, September 2023

Wrap up

The build up to martial arts gradings always bring some nerves. However the feeling to face this and overcome it on the day leaves an amazing feeling for all. I’m very proud of Team DX for their focus and dedication to Soo Bahk Do. It was also great to see others join us to watch on the sidelines at our September grading in Abingdon!

Credit and a big thanks to Hugh, a practitioner who wasn’t grading this time, who captured these photos!

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