Soo Bahk Do grading result for Dojang X (Sept 2023)!

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Abingdon Soo Bahk Do students celebrating their rank promotion (and another month of great training)!

Our Dojang X students across Abingdon were celebrating their rank promotions after successfully completing their Soo Bahk Do grading (Shim Sa) last Saturday (23rd September 2023)!

The featured image showcases our North Abingdon practitioners celebrating in style.

Below is the grading award photos of some of our successful Drayton Soo Bahk Do martial artists.

One of our excellent sparring students from the kids class who’s been promoted from white belt to yellow belt!
Martial arts students at Dojang X, Abingdon, celebrating their rank promotion in Soo Bahk Do after a great grading performance!
Our students from the mixed ages class in Drayton (Abingdon), who are very happy!
More students join the orange belt (beginner advancing) ranks!

It was a nice way to end the month on a high note.

We’ve now got a few more green belts (6th geups), which means that our intermediate-level martial artist numbers have grown.

Very soon, we’ll need to start thinking about a class to cater for their growing skill set and abilities!

For now, let’s celebrate this amazing achievement 🙂

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