Dojang X brings martial arts to Drayton Village, Abingdon!

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Following refurbishment work over the summer at Sutton Courtenay Village Hall, our Friday martial arts class has relocated to nearby Drayton Village (Abingdon) in July 2023!

It’s exciting times at Dojang X. With students eager to train and progress over the summer months, the classes go on!

Our June grading was a huge success, with positive feedback passed from our External Examiner directly to the Head of our UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan Head: Hedges SBN.

Now with their rank promotions achieved, our students are more focused than ever to stay consistent with their training in order to reach their next goal. Each part of the syllabus brings them one step closer to the black belt status in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan – a globally recognised and renowned martial arts organisation and style.

Drayton Village Hall is a great space to cater for our popular Friday class – and we sure put it to great use at our first training session there on Friday 7th July!

Along with introducing students to their new content, we also had our first taste of free sparring.

It was great fun with a lot of laughter!

We’re Sutton Courtenay local-strong at the moment, so we can do with some Drayton and nearby village local representation 😁

So, if you’re local to Drayton or the surrounding areas, give us a go!

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