Team DX second martial arts grading!

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The students who graded with Examiner Peter Kidd SBN (3rd from left) and Instructor Sabrina Mistry (centre)

This morning, the students at Dojang X arrived early and ready for their grading. For the yellow belts, this was their second grading experience. For the white belts, it was their first. Regardless of experience, it was the Dojang’s first time to host.

Peter Kidd SBN, a Master practitioner in the UK & Ireland Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, travelled a considerable distance from Preston to lead the grading. We’re all very grateful for his generosity and also to the friends and family members who joined us to support!

Before the grading started, Kidd SBN held a short session on kicking techniques and hyung (forms). This was a valuable opportunity for us to learn from a very senior martial artist and to experience the teaching style of another practitioner.

For the grading part of the session, each student gave their best effort to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. As the instructor watching by the side, I was so proud of them. They displayed great confidence and determination, and it was clear to see just how fat they’ve progressed since they first started training.

We concluded our grading event with cake to celebrate! It was a gift from the Dojang to mark the respect and appreciation for each of our students who turn up every week to train with great energy. These practitioners make Dojang X a fun and supportive community. It’s also because of their perseverance in training that’s led to this grading event today.

Now, the wait begins to find the results! 😁

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