Leadership in action : teenager takes the warm up!

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Our teenage student Jack, delivered the warm up for his first time.
Jack leading the stretches after warm up cardio.

With several students having at least 6 months’ training experience at Dojang X, it’s time that we begin to develop their leadership potential!

Leading warm ups is the perfect way to help students increase their confidence and communication skills.

Today was Jack’s opportunity – a teenager with great potential in Soo Bahk Do as a martial artist and as a next gen leader.

Before the session, he prepared and practiced his warm up at home.

The other students really enjoyed the warm up and he got feedback to support his future warm up sessions.

As the instructor, it’s nice to see how he’s growing in confidence and showing courage to push himself to take on leadership responsibilities!

You’ll be hearing more about him and his martial arts journey as it unfolds at Dojang X for sure!

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