The Dojang’s first yellow belts!

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Happy students receiving their rank promotion!

On the car journey back following the Soo Bahk Do grading on Friday 22nd July 2022, the three students who tested wondered when they would know about the outcome.

Typically, for ranks below black belt, we find out a week later. However, because this class is on a Tuesday, these students didn’t need to wait very long!

Without knowing whether they would know or not earlier today, we trained as usual but with a slightly higher focus on sparring and pad work. It was only when the session was nearly over that they each were presented with their certificate and yellow belt to mark 9th gup. The belt itself being a gift from Dojang X to reward the first group of students who decided to try the club and stayed consistently training after to earn the invitation to go for the grading 😊.

As the Instructor, I can remember clearly how it felt to obtain a coloured belt for the first time. It’s a great achievement (no longer a white belt!) and it marks the start of a more committed journey to explore the martial art further.

Congratulations to the students!

Robbie (R)

Hugh (R Centered)

Lorcan (Centered)

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