Dojang X sends their support to Instructor Sabrina as she prepares for her 3rd Dan grading!

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June has certainly been unusual with a wave of gradings at Dojang X!

First: our Little Ninjas demonstrated amazing effort and strong energy at their grading on Friday 9th June in Sutton Courtenay.

Next: our main class across Abingdon and the nearby villages came together to showcase their knowledge and skills in front of our official Examiner from the UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan on Saturday 17th June in Abingdon. He left feeling incredibly impressed!

Finally: On Saturday 24th June, I went for my 3rd Dan grading held in Ormskirk, North West, UK.

In many ways, June 2023 will have a special place in the history of Dojang X. This month is a rare moment where the instructor and all students graded to be considered for rank promotion.

As the instructor, in the months approaching June 2023, I focused primarily on the students. After all, it’s my responsibility to deliver the very best martial arts tuition and support their development to be ready to present their content in front of an External Examiner in a grading environment.

And yet, whilst I focus on them, many care about me in return.

I was really touched to receive a card at the class before my own grading. In this card, the students had written messages of support to wish me well.

I feel very fortunate to have an amazing bunch of students at Dojang X. We’re a young club and we all care and support each other.

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