Ending 2022 strong with new student belt promotions!

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Our second club grading since we launched in Abingdon, Oxfordshire was very successful! All five students left a great impression on the Examiner, Peter Kidd SBN who had travelled from Preston to conduct the grading in last week 😁🥋.

As a breakdown: two students have now achieved the rank of 8th gup (orange belt), whilst three students passed their white belt grading for promotion to 9th gup (yellow belt).

Each student has trained hard during and outside of class. Their focus, discipline and enthusiasm to be a part of Dojang X, the newest martial arts club in Abingdon, makes me so proud as their Instructor to support their journey towards achieving their black belt and beyond!

Excited to see where 2023 will take them. For now, we celebrate and keep training before the festive holidays!

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