Sutton Courtenay joins Abingdon for the first martial arts grading in 2023!

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Happy faces post-grading! 18th March 2023

On Saturday 18th March 2023, Peter Kidd SBN travelled from Preston to oversee our first martial arts grading of the year.

We’ve started this year strong, with 14 candidates who were ready to demonstrate their skills to be considered for rank promotion in our Soo Bahk Do martial art.

Our breakdown was, in senior order:

  • Two candidates testing for 7th geup (orange belt 1 tag)
  • Two candidates testing for 8th geup (orange belt)
  • Ten candidates testing for 9th geup (yellow belt)

Our March grading marked the first time that Dojang X members from Sutton Courtenay (five in total) joined the practitioners in Abingdon. This makes them the first from the Village ever to grade in Soo Bahk Do!

Kidd SBN was very impressed by the high standard, focus and energy demonstrated by each student. He also made positive remarks about the collective energy felt by our club.

As the instructor, I was very proud to watch each student take courage and confidence to demonstrate their learning to-date.

Now, we await the results!

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