Soo Bahk Do Master Gillian Dean shows her Dojang X support!

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Gillian Dean SBN, a Master Soo Bahk Do practitioner from Preston, showed her support for Dojang X!

Due to requests from Dojang X members, club merchandise was on offer for the first time this year – and the demand was high!

Not only did our martial artists from Abingdon, UK and the surrounding villages make orders – we also had a surprising request from one of the most senior UK Soo Bahk Do martial artists and Masters around: Gillian Dean SBN!

And here she is, sporting our club hoodie 😁

Gillian Dean SBN is a student of Hedges SBN, the Head of the UK & Ireland Moo Duk Kwan. She trains and assists other students often at classes in Preston. When she’s not training, Dean SBN assists with the belt gradings (pre Dan and up to 3rd Dan) in North England.

She’ll be visiting us at Dojang X one day soon for sure!

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