Martial arts instructor Sabrina Mistry passes her 3rd Dan!

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Dojang X instructor Sabrina Mistry with her card and flowers given by students after her martial arts rank promotion.

After taking the Dan Shim Sa (black belt grading) in June 2023 as a 3rd Dan candidate, Dojang X instructor Sabrina Mistry has recently been awarded her martial arts rank promotion!

Here’s the photo of Sabrina’s certificate, presented by her instructor and UK & Ireland Federation Head, Hedges SBN:

Hedges SBN (L) presenting Dojang X instructor Sabrina Mistry (R) with her 3rd Dan martial arts certificate.

As an instructor, it’s important to continue one’s training and progression to deliver the best possible martial arts experience for students. That’s what we strongly believe at Dojang X, at least.

Sabrina makes an effort to travel at least once a month from Oxfordshire to North England. She does this in order to train with her instructor and keep updated with the martial arts material for the students.

We have a wonderful community at Dojang X. We’re proud that our club has an even gender split and is accessible for all ages and abilities. Our club also has a great family orientation.

That’s all pretty rare in martial arts!

We’re a local start up club serving families from Abingdon, Sutton Courtenay and Drayton Village.

What happened at class

Tonight towards the closing of our mixed aged class at Drayton Village, a student asked if he could make an announcement.

Instructor Sabrina agreed.

After presenting some remaining students with their rank promotion certificates and belts, she invited this student to make his announcement.

Immediately, another student got up and ran into another room, which caused some giggles and a very confused instructor!

She returned shortly with flowers, chocolate and a card.

The students then made an announcement that they wanted to congratulate Sabrina and show their appreciation on her 3rd Dan martial arts rank promotion.

It was a really touching moment between instructor and students.

This goes to show that at Dojang X we all support and care for each other a lot!

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